Sunday, March 14, 2010

Post Number 100

This is the 100th post in this blog. I'm not sure how to commemorate it. However, I do have The Answers from the Creative Blog Award exercise a few days ago.

1. Like so many boys, I solved initial personality conflicts through rough-and-tumble fistfights. In fact, the only lasting friendships that began before high school began with fisticuffs.

Outrageous Lie. I've never been in a serious fight with any of my close, long-lasting friends. We've had our share of friendly wrestling matches. In general, I abhor violence and consider myself a "realistic pacifist." While I won the childhoods fights I was in, I also cried when they were over because I hated having to hurt others.

2. I've been on the internet for a long time. The first time I ever went online was in 1992 on my uncle's Mac. We tied up the phoneline for countless hours reading a newsgroup dedicated to video editing techniques.

Outrageous Lie. Actually, it's close to the truth. I I first went online in the winter of 1989. I didn't know we were online, though, and wondered why we had to leave that cool program so quickly.

3. We've always been at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to having the latest game systems, each member of my immediate family had a cell phone by the time I entered high school.

Outrageous Lie. We actually got the first cell phone when I was 12. It was a family phone roughly the size and weight of a brick. It cost a fortune to operate, so I was rarely allowed to have it. I was 19 when my whole family finally got individual cell phones.

4. As part of my lifelong quest to be a Renaissance Man, I've played a lot of instruments in my life. My all-time favourite is the tin whistle, which I started after hearing The Chieftains.

Outrageous Lie. Sorry, Yuri. I always admired the tin whistle and wanted to learn how to play, but it is not one of the many instruments I learned. Although I am now half-tempted to try and take it up.

5. Impulsive by nature, I once skipped a week of class because I "just had" to take train to Las Vegas. It didn't do much for my grades, but I did come home $200 richer than I left.

The Most Outrageous of Outrageous Lies. I'm not a fan of Vegas or gambling. The shows are fun, but I don't care for games of chance in casinos on account of I took statistics. On the other hand, I'll bet on myself in a contest... Funny thing, though, is that I almost embarked on this journey a few years ago. It was an impulsive idea and I canceled it when nobody else could make it.

6. Always the businessman, I began quite young. At the age of seven, I cornered the market for flower seeds in my neighbourhood. But my dream was to start my own research facility to develop and market new inventions.

The Truth. I've always loved business, and I've been selling things since I was a wee lad. My lifelong dream is to own my own research facility and use it to develop, then market my own inventions. This moved from a full-time career to a part-time hobby and goal for retirement a few years ago, but it has always been and always shall be.

7. My guilty pleasure is popping anchovies. I've been known to eat them in hiding during breaks, much to the chagrin of students, teachers, and coworkers.

Outrageous Lie. I generally hate anchovies. They make me sick when I eat them.

Congratulations to Mr. Stauffer, who narrowed it down to the Truth and one of the Lies. Thanks to all who participated! It was a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise.

This is post 314.


  1. ...Well played, Dmitri. Well played.

    Though you have to admit, #4 wasn't all that outrageous.

  2. Ha! so you ALMOST did do number 5!

    Well, oh well. I should have known that it was number 6!

  3. Yuri - No, #4 wasn't that outrageous. But I decided to go with it, so that I had at least one more mundane option. Like communism, it was just a red herring.

    Amalia - I did almost do #5, as out of character as it is for me. Only I probably still wouldn't have won any money in the casinos.

    Really, though, it could have been any of them.

  4. My reasoning:
    1. You're too social and I've heard too many stories from you to believe you didn't have lasting friendships before high school that didn't start with fisticuffs.
    2. Somewhat plausible, but I never got into newsgroups, so I wasn't sure if you would've or not. What got me addicted to the Internet was chat. Enough said.
    3. I called this plausible, mostly because your family has had cell phones for as long as I could remember. It didn't seem as plausible as the seed selling, but more than the other five.
    4. Mostly a guess that this was a lie; I figured I would've heard about the tin whistle before if you could play it.
    5. I figured from discussing gambling statistics with you that you wouldn't have done this.
    6. Yay! You seem like you would've been the businessman-type person at that age. I imagine you did better than I ever did trying to sell wallpaper or greeting cards door-to-door. Danged "Boys Life" magazines and their ads (but hey, if you sell enough, you can buy a brand new Super Nintendo!).
    7. During the time we were roommates, I never remembered you buying anchovies. If you had, I would likely have registered a complaint. I've had to make and deliver anchovy pizzas before, and I hate the aroma (and how it lingers in your car after the pizza has been disposed of).


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